Single Source of Truth: 8 -Wk Implementation

Decision Point Analytics Inc

Identify and Integrate Data across multiple systems to Create a Single Source of Truth

In today's World, Data in an Organization is scattered across multiple systems. This leads to the unavailability of proper data in the required format for various needs. The Single Source of Truth (SSOT) Engineering Solution is well designed to address these issues to provide Quality data derived and integrated from multiple entry points.

Data Validation Data loaded to the SSOT would adhere to all checks and balances for the ingested data at all stages of processing. This would be performed by the customised Data Quality modules, which could be integrated with the Microsoft Azure Platform. The platform would send automated Alerts that would be triggered on any anomaly observed.

Data Drift and Versioning Detection Customisable module to detect and report Data Drift or any Data inconsistencies as part of the Data Engineering Implementation. Data Versioning and ease in RCA between Data updates would be performed.

Scalability The implementation is highly scalable and can handle huge volumes of Data on the scale of Petabytes integrating with multiple sources.

Data Mapping Data Mapping across systems would be highly flexible and robust, which can be done through a user-friendly interface as part of the implementation or through any other external system.