On Demand Workstation: 2 days Implementation

Devoteam M Cloud

Implement the user desktop virtualization solution with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD),Windows 365

Secure and free yourself from the constraints of the workstation. Your employees will be able to work remotely or on resource-intensive applications from any type of machine in complete security.

Indeed, Microsoft offers the Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and the complement with Citrix. These cloud solutions offer a virtual desktop that can combine performance (computing machines, CAD, ...) without the physical machine of the user (suitable for optimizing fleet management or resilience scenarios as encountered with the CoviD 19) or to secure the work environment and data. This allows you to preserve the secrets of the company or to comply with standards (RGPD, ISO, ...).

We can implement these solutions very quickly (and remotely if necessary). The initial minimal offer covers the implementation of a functional test platform which will allow you to judge the simplicity of use as well as the compatibility with your constraints. If you wish, we can refine a quote for a more advanced implementation, based on elements such as: the type of authentication, number of environments and applications, system versions...

We will make you aware of our approach in "continuous improvement" which mixes administration, support, transformation, accompaniment to the change is completely adapted, to allow you to make live these solutions, to make you benefit from the last functionalities serenely and to focus on your first job.

Let's work together in this dynamic!