Data Platform Crawl: 1-wk Assessment

Dimensional Strategies Inc

Helping organizations transition on-premises data platforms and big data platforms to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Creating Transformative Solutions that leverage the unmatched Elasticity and Scale of the Microsoft Azure Modern Data Platform.

DSI experts will analyze your end-to-end Analytics Pipeline. They will follow up with an in-depth overview of relevant features of the Azure Modern Data Platform and their potential benefits to your organization.

Services Include -Platform Solutioning and Design -Data Integration -Training and Deployment

Deliverables: -Reference Azure Data Architecture based on analytics pipeline analysis -Overview of Architecture and how each component will function within your organization

Azure Services Utilized: -Azure Synapse Analytics for Data Warehousing -Self Service Data Exploration and Data Pipelines -Azure Data Lake Storage -Azure Databricks

We have offers no matter what stage of the technology acquisition journey you are on. Please see our Data Platform Walk and Run offers that follow our Crawl Offer.