Data Modernization sprints: 6-wk Implementation

NTT Limited

Centralize, correlate, analyse and report on the data within your business with a data modernization quick start. We work with you to architect the foundations then automate the deployment on Azure.

Harnessing the power of data within your business can be a complex task. Once established, a modern data strategy can unlock insight and correlations which reduce bottlenecks in business process, reduce cost of sale and allow you to generate revenue streams based on detailed analytics. Common steps along this journey include;

  • Assess; what data (types, sources) exist in the business, what the sources of ‘truth’ are, how important the data sources are and what are the priority use cases.
  • Define a blueprint; select a priority use case to establish a target data architecture roadmap.
  • Build a ‘lighthouse’; leveraging Azure cloud first technology to allow you to centralize, correlate, analyse and report on the data.

The engagement is executed using two agile iterations, 3-weeks each.

  • Data Strategy Sprint, explores priority use cases within your business, often based on existing challenges, for example, sprawling data sources, lack of analytics & reporting capabilities or lack of modern infrastructure to support such a strategy. One these use cases are established, we leverage existing NTT Ltd. blueprints to design a ‘lighthouse’ data platform architecture on Azure using services such as Compute and Analytics. Includes four 2-hour workshops to understand current data initiatives, requirements then review design recommendations.
  • Data Foundations sprint, leverages our site reliability engineers to automate, deploy and operationalize the data strategy including core components to support the capture and centralization of data together with ability to report on its usage. Includes four 2-hour workshops to review the implementation schematic, testing & acceptance planning, and handover.

The result is a data strategy blueprint and data foundation implementation. Crucially this is an agile collaboration with knowledge sharing, documentation, and resources to help your teams get the skills they need for long-term business agility and maturity on Azure.