Innovate in 3-Wk: Assessment and Cloud Migration

E-ngenium Infraestructura, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Make an easy, safe and fast migration with help of our experts with Azure Migrate and Data Migration Service solutions. Enabling the best security practices with Microsoft Cloud.

Migration to the cloud has never been so easy, in all this path to the adoption of change towards innovation you will be guided by our experts by using agile methodologies and frameworks. We have knowledge in ERP workloads, such as SAP, Odoo and Contpaq, as well as load Windows / SQL Server and Virtual Desktop for end users.

Complementing with knowledge in Federal Identity with Azure Active Directory to have a better management of the Cloud environment, SSO applications for applications and the best security practices.

While the migration is being carried out, it benefits the technical staff by delegating experts who send their information and servers to Azure with total transparency, with testing stages in the systems to be migrated, all this without affecting their production systems. Therefore, end users can test the final environment without having to affect the production system and may even request to add small improvements to their final systems.

Business can have a secure, single-access cloud environment that they can control and manage.

The technical personnel who maintain the systems can do:

• Backups, exact copies of the system stored independently of the main server and highly available and distributed in more than one data center. • Less maintenance of cloud systems. • Greater flexibility in the scalability of resources. • Greater security in access to systems.

Migration towards modernization to the cloud is not expensive or difficult, a migration with total ignorance of the appropriate tools can cause efforts to be made without results, information is lost, leaving a financial gap not only in the time invested but also in the time spent. long term due to omissions of good practices.