Azure Quickbooks Migration: 5-Day Implementation


ECF Data successfully migrates Quickbooks customers to Azure, a secure cloud server, to enable high performance by accessing work and customers anytime, anywhere, and easily.

Maximize the simplicity of Quickbooks and the strength of Microsoft Azure

Grow your business faster by embracing remote and hybrid work even while using accounting software like Quickbooks. ECF Data and its agile team members work with you to achieve seamless deployment services. Specifically, we will help you manage your finances and strengthen collaboration, all while maintaining security. Moreover, it provides these advantages:

Better Accessibility: Provide access to multiple users using any device

Manage your spending: Pay only what is being used with the pay-per-use method

Better data security: Protection against malware and ransomware, automated daily backups

Better flexibility: Integrates seamlessly with third-party applications on VDs.

Scalability: Because you are not dependent on an on-premise infrastructure, you can scale up or down depending on requirements.

Efficiency: Quickbooks running on Azure provides your business with more computing power for better efficiency.

Agenda of the Implementation

Day 1: Assessment and Plan

-Assessment of existing infrastructure and configurations, application dependencies, and current data usage

-Evaluation of how internal and external users are accessing Quickbooks, including pain areas and expectations

-Running through benefits, what can be expected, and deliverables of the implementation process

Day 2: Design and Documentation

-Document – Azure Architecture and Migration Project Plan

-Propose Workload and Infrastructure sizing for the target environment depending on performance metrics

-Delivery of Azure Estimated Consumption and estimates of other components

-Creation of Azure subscription

Day 3: Setup of Azure Infrastructure

-Creation and deployment of Azure VM, RDS, and Storage

-Creation and configuration of Azure Backup, anti-virus, security, and network

-Setup of VPN Connectivity

-Creation of RDS Services and Users

-Installation of Quickbooks Software

Day 4: Pilot Migration

-Copy Quickbooks data

  • Support Client users to link to Azure VM

-Testing of Azure Quickbooks environment

Day 5: Migration and Handover

-Migration of live production Quickbooks data

-Handover of Azure environment