Real-Time Fleet Analytics: 2 Hour Workshop

Elastacloud Limited

Learn how Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric could unlock actionable insight for your fleet operations.

Join us for a 2 hour session to look at how Elastacloud have used Fabric’s new, AI-enabled capability to help one of the UK’s largest fleets - and how they could help you achieve the same.

Workshop Learnings and Outcomes

Analysing live data on driver behaviour, fuel usage and operational targets can help you achieve a number of business priorities;

  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Meet sustainability targets
  • Optimise route planning
  • Promote good driving practices
  • Gamify & reward efficient driving

With the inclusion of Real-Time Intelligence, Fabric now offers everything you need to unlock value from your data all from one united SaaS experience. In this FREE 2 hour session, you can learn just how this could change the game for your fleet operations.


  • Introductions
  • Understanding your business needs
  • Talking through Fabric’s Real-Time Analytics features
  • Deep dive on Fleet Telemetry Solution
  • Q&A + Next Steps

Workshop Details

This offer is for a 2-hour workshop given by Elastacloud virtually, at your site, or at our London offices. For other options, please get in touch with us at Travel fees are not covered by Elastacloud.

Who are we?

Elastacloud are data pioneers, designing and delivering world-class, enterprise-grade solutions that unleash the power hidden within data. United by a culture of pioneering for the greater good, we fuse data science, intelligence, and innovation, to enable businesses to accelerate transformation, achieve strategic outcomes, meet goals faster, and benefit from the game-changing insights that their data can provide.