Knowledge Miner: 2-Week Implementation

Elastacloud Limited

Harness the power of GPT for your business securely. Search through thousands of documents intelligently. Accessible to your entire organisation through a custom search interface.

What is Knowledge Miner?

Knowledge Miner is an enterprise AI tool providing insight from your unstructured business data in a single search.

Leveraging Microsoft Cognitive Search and Azure OpenAI, this tool acts as an internal ChatGPT over your enterprise documents, allowing you to interrogate the data stored within them quicky and intelligently. PDFs, images, audio recordings, hand-written notes – whatever form your unstructured data takes, Knowledge Miner analyses natural language to provide you with answers that give actionable insight.

Elastacloud have over a decade of experience working with data in the cloud, and the highest standards of care for client data. With Knowledge Miner, power of OpenAI’s powerful GPT is harnessed safely, without your data ever leaving your business. Additionally, once Knowledge Miner has answered your question, you can trace the AI generated content back to the source documents it was generated from, allowing you to validate accuracy and prevent misinformation.

Features enabled by OpenAI

  • Intelligent Search – OpenAI’s powerful GPT and Embeddings models has boosted search and information retrieval capabilities
  • Chat Mode - Instead of a search term, ask Knowledge Miner a question and have it answer your question in natural language
  • Document Summarisation - Ask Knowledge Miner to read and summarise a specific document in seconds

Your 2-week Implementation

To get you on your journey to complete searchability, we're offering a sprint of consultancy effort with 2 members of the Knowledge Miner team to implement the tool. This will include 1 senior and 1 junior engineer. Our price reflects both consultancy, and the first year of licensing for Knowledge Miner. Price may be affected if subsequent sprints are required due to additional data preparation, so we recommend your data is prepared for the engagement.


  1. Deployment into your environment
  2. Secure transfer of files into Knowledge Miner
  3. Managed indexing
  4. Demonstration of the outcome in the Knowledge Miner web application

Who is it for?

Knowledge Miner can help any business with large amounts of unstructured data. PDFs, scanned letters, images, handwritten notes, typed memos and more - your business may have hundreds of thousands of documents with key insights locked away inside them. Tracking down information by reading through each individual piece is a lengthy process and could mean something vital is missed. Traditional search functions will only seek out keywords, and beyond finding the location of the document you might need, it cannot extract the details that are useful to you.

Elastacloud’s Knowledge Miner leverages both Microsoft Cognitive Search and Azure OpenAI to offer advanced search capabilities, organise your data and make it more user-friendly. Our tool can process your information, in all its forms, into a single searchable web browser where you can find the information you need at any time. Like an internal ChatGPT for your business, you can interrogate your documents intelligently, with a bespoke User Interface for a seamless user experience. The insight leveraged from your data can be used however you need; to breathe intelligence into your business analytics, to speed up processes, or accelerate your decision making.

Who are we?

Elastacloud are data pioneers, designing and delivering world-class, enterprise-grade solutions that unleash the power hidden within data. United by a culture of pioneering for the greater good, we fuse data science, intelligence, and innovation, to enable businesses to accelerate transformation, achieve strategic outcomes, meet goals faster, and benefit from the game-changing insights that their data can provide.