Azure Data Analytics Optimization 5-Day Assessment

Enimbos Global Services, S.L.

Our services will help you optimize all the data collected from your Azure infrastructure, by provisioning a set of tailormade actionable recommendations to achieve full potential on your platform.

Enimbos offers the best technical knowledge to align your Azure infrastructure with your business needs. Our Azure Data & Analytics service extracts value from all the data collected and makes it available to our customers for business decisions, allowing them also to achieve all Azure advantages. Our team is in charge of deploying D&A solutions in the cloud, obtaining all the associated benefits form Azure platforms, and also integrating ML and IA to provide an increased level of intelligence to their applications. Our approach is based on the following 4 areas:

  1. Ingest & Data Preparation
  2. Data Management & Quality
  3. Machine Learning & AI
  4. Data Visualization & Reporting in Azure Platforms.

How does this work? After only four preparatory steps Enimbos will be in a position to start assisting your company towards its cloud D&A enhancement journey based on Azure Platforms:

  1. Preliminary meeting: In the beginning, we will present you our D&A value proposition and multiple references on Azure platforms to show you our expert knowledge on Microsoft Azure services. We propose the key stakeholders to be involved.

  2. High-level D&A workshop: Enimbos team will meet with the client stakeholders to analyze all the Azure possibilities and advantages:

  • Business context, client expectations and potential initiatives of interest.
  • Business needs to be solved using D&A Azure platforms and Microsoft services.
  • Data assets and information sources.
  1. Presentation of workshop results: Potential solutions to D&A business needs are presented, as well as an economic appraisal for Azure services to be provided, based in sprints with a flexible cost model as one of the major Microsoft Azure advantages.

  2. Agreement and kick-off of Azure D&A transformation services: Once accepted, we will start developing and deploying the D&A Azure platforms and Microsoft services agreed, prioritizing key business requirements and keeping budget and deadlines.