Security360 Workshop: 4 Day Workshop


Security360 provides a roadmap to optimize security operations, and reduce complexity by leveraging automation.

Security360 provides a roadmap to optimizesecurity operations and reduce complexity by leveraging automation.

Security360, by e360 and powered by Microsoft365Security and Automation, protects against today’s advanced threats. Offeringa simplified administration experience and no security infrastructure tomaintain, e360’sSecurity360 Workshop shows how you can get the most out of yourMicrosoft 365investment.

Multi-vendor security controls strategiesstrain corporate IT and security resources, decreasing the effectiveness ofyour corporate security posture and increasing your organization’svulnerability to today’s threats. The Security360 workshop demonstrates how tobest utilize Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance tools to develop a centralizedsecurity strategy using common interfaces and policies to ensure identity, dataand devices are protected.

The Challenge

• Today attackers are more sophisticatedutilizing multiple attack vectors.

• The workforce is becoming moredecentralized and harder to manage. When users are on unprotected networks in“work at home” scenarios, they become especially vulnerable to variousnetwork-based attacks.

• Organizations not only lack theresources to manage current security tools but managing products from multiplevendors adds further complexity

The Solution

• We work with your team to understandyour security goals and objectives, such as:

· Current Security Posture

· Data Protection

· Disaster Recovery

· Identity Access Management

· Threat Detection and Response

• Understanding the risks to yourorganization by performing a threat check and identifying real-time threats toyour organization

• This includes malicious OAuth apps,suspicious user activity, malware, phishing and compromised AzureActive Directory accounts

• Generate a list of actionablerecommendations to secure your organization and provide you with an automatedsolution to ensure certain controls remain in force


Kickoff Call: 1 hour prior to the workshop commencement

Day 1 and 2

Threat Check and Secure score

  • Goals, Tools, and Deliverables
  • Setup licenses
  • Setup Secure Score automation

(Collect data for 2 weeks)

Day 3

  • Develop reports

Day 4

  • Microsoft Security Vision presentation including potential solutions around IAM with Azure Active Directory, Azure Purview, and/or Azure Sentinel
  • Learn about the client's challenges, opportunities, and priorities
  • Review threat Check findings
  • Customer Immersion Experience (demos)
  • Joint plans and next steps

Key Benefits

Secure Remote Work

Security while working remotely has alwaysbeen a challenge. We show you how to allow remote work to be conducted securelyleveraging tools from Microsoft 365

Simplified Administration and HybridCloudSupport

IT teams spend too much time trying to maketheir estate of security products connect to each other and to internalsystems. Microsoft simplifies this with tools that work together by design