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Increase your Business value by connecting teams and promoting collaboration between them with Evolutio Cloud FinOps Service in Microsoft Azure.

Agility needed to reduce time-to-market that allows companies to lead their market.

Cost decrease of making mistakes, making it easier to explore new innovative solutions.

Access to virtually unlimited compute capacity, scaling infrastructure at the same time as business and offering a flexible cost model

Global scale as clouders allow access to markets that were previously dominated by local companies.

Cloud security, a fundamental piece in a globalized world, by offering the necessary tools to guarantee the security of your services.

These opportunities are associated with new challenges to ensure the success of the journey to the Cloud, including secutiry, legal and government ones.

With Azure Pricing Calculator and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator cloud costs can be estimated.

FinOPs is based on three basic objective pillars: cost optimization, Identification and allocation of costs and anomaly mitigation and organic cost growth.

Using Microsoft Cost Management and Azure Advisor teams can be enabled to make informed business decisions with visibility into performance, costs, and anomalies , and assign costs with Azure Resource Manager by creating tags and account hierarchy.

Evolutio helps you according your needs. That is why we have two flavours of FinOPs service:

  • FinOps Optimizer modality focuses on providing a SaaS tool with detailed information about your cloud usage and associated costs. In addition, it focuses on providing an additional level of support in managing costs in the cloud. In addition to regular reports, personalized consulting will be provided and work together with the client to optimize their cloud presence and reduce costs.

    Microsoft Cost Management provide capacities to report, benchmark, and forecast costs to help us for these activities

  • FinOps Boost provides an even more advanced approach to cloud cost management, adding a team of cloud architects who will work closely with you to ensure their cloud presence is optimized and secure and provide additional consulting services on cloud re-architectures.

    Azure Migrate can be used for cloud architects to discover and evaluate on-premises resources to plan their migration and modernization

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