Azure Virtual Desktop | PoC | 4 Weeks


With our AVD PoC we demonstrate within a 4-week period how a secure managed modern workplace environment looks like.

Azure Virtual Desktop already helps many customers to provide a secure managed workplace environment for all end users who use their own computers from home or from unmanaged mobile devices.  Our AVD PoC helps you to get a fast and reliable first experience with Azure Virtual Desktop based on your own needs and applications (limited to 3 applications). The created AVD image can be reused later in a production environment.

AVD PoC Offering

  • Deep Insights in AVD technology on Azure
  • Confidence that own workload is running well on the platform
  • Additional experience in platform automation based on the glueckkanja-gab Azure Foundation (light)
  • First fully functional AVD image with 3 applications (reusable for production)
  • Roadmap to AVD in production

*** Pricing is just estimated and will be customized upon request ***