Azure Sentinel Cloud based SOC Service: 8Wk POC

Hacknowledge SA

Built on Azure Cloud Services, our MSSP SOC service is a managed security service using the power of Azure Sentinel platform and benefits of Hacknowledge Services and expertise.

Our Azure Sentinel MSSP SOC Service, a meticulously crafted managed Azure Sentinel SIEM solution designed to bolster your organization's visibility into its security posture and fortify its ability to respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents. Our comprehensive managed service encompasses the following key features;

Seamless Deployment and Configuration: We handle the deployment and configuration of Azure Sentinel SIEM within your Azure subscription, seamlessly activating the Azure/Office 365 Data Connector. Our security Azure experts guides you through the process of deploying Azure Sentinel and onboarding logs, ensuring a smooth transition.

Robust Analytic Rules: Benefit from a meticulously curated starter pack of advanced analytic rules (Detection use cases) tailored to your log sources, including Azure AD, Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Azure Activity and much more. These rules are designed to monitor activities effectively, enhancing your threat detection capabilities.

Expert SIEM Support: Our Microsoft Security team boasts extensive hands-on experience in managing complex security breaches. We stand by you during security incidents, providing custom analytics, proactive threat hunting, and bespoke custom reporting through our Customer Portal to swiftly mitigate threats.

Continuous Use Case Tuning: Stay ahead of emerging threats with our continuous alerts and playbook tune-up service. We ensure that your SIEM remains finely tuned to the evolving threat landscape, maximizing its efficacy in threat detection and response.

Threat Intelligence Integration: Enrich your data and augment your detection capabilities with our threat intelligence configuration. By integrating valuable threat intelligence feeds, we enhance your ability to identify and thwart malicious activities effectively.

Hacknowledge Sensor Integration to integrate easily on-prem data: Bolster your logs and detection capabilities with our innovative Hacknowledge Sensor, available in physical or virtual form. This versatile sensor enriches your data with inputs from vulnerability scanners, IDS, honeypots, log collectors, and more, empowering you with comprehensive threat visibility.

Regular Service Reviews: Our dedicated TAM team conducts regular meetings with you to review performance, gather feedback, and identify new requirements for alerts, playbooks, and workbooks. This collaborative approach ensures that our service evolves in tandem with your evolving security needs.

Maximize your business focus while our dedicated SOC oversees your security incidents within Microsoft Azure cloud security services. Our SOC keeps you informed based on your specified security levels, ensuring proactive protection and peace of mind.