HCL Conversational AI Solution: 1-Day Workshop

HCL Technologies

HCL’s Natural Language Processing/ Natural Language Understanding Offering is a cross-industry framework, leverages the benefits of AI and Azure Cognitive Services

HCL’s NLP/NLU Offering framework powered by HCL's IP (LISA-Language Intelligence Services AI) is a AI-based Natural Language Processing and Understanding suite of services that efficiently creates a cognitive search and natural conversational question and answer layer. Delivers AI based summarization and automation for data pipelines built end-to-end on Azure Cloud.

HCL’s NLP/NLU Offering is powered by Azure Cognitive Services will help in achieving • Cognitive Search & AI Skills • Domain Adaptation of AI • Information Retrieval & Imaging • De-identification & Summarization • Advanced NLP Analytics & Domain adaptation across industries • Document Store, Archival & Indexer • Voice Tech & Speech Recognition • Conversational Chatbots • Scalable & Extensible Cloud Managed Solution • Multi-lingual Translation

Key Azure Services driving LISA Platform • Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage • Azure LUIS, Azure Cognitive Services • Azure Functions, Azure App Services • Azure Text Analytics • Power BI and Power Automate • Azure Key Vault, Azure AD, KMS • Application Insights

Key Benefits • Provide state of the art high quality standardized summarization, content automation and data extraction pipeline of enterprise. • Reduction of significant delays in comprehension of any knowledge document and review process. Expected return on investment of multi-million dollars. • Increase overall productivity by 30 - 40% for complex domain task and organizational AI efficiency through intelligent automation.