Advanced DevOps Automation with CI/CD: 10-Day Imp.

InCycle Software

Leveraging InCycle’s Azure DevOps Accelerators, InCycle Cloud Architects will ensure customers realize modern CI/CD pipelines, IT governance and minimum time to production.

As part of a this 10-day bundled solution, customers can ensure they realize the best and most efficient Azure Devops CI/CD solution by leveraging InCycle’s proprietary Azure Accelerators and professional services.

Led by DevOps Architects, engagements begin with a DevOps analysis followed by an Azure DevOps solution design and implementation. Typical projects include application pipelines complete with automated build, testing and deployment.

InCycle Accelerators minimize time to production and ensure best practices are implemented (e.g., governance and multiple stages). Accelerators provide infrastructure-as-code (IaC) in the form of pipeline tasks. For example, they provide Build/Release pipeline tasks to provision Azure resources.

The results are automated pipelines complete with build traceability, code reviews and test results. Automated CI/CD allows teams to deliver more value, more frequently with better quality.