GitHub - 1 week Proof of Concept and Enablement


Drive a cost-optimised, secure, and cloud-ready GitHub migration journey within your organisation

IT organisations are being asked to deliver software better, faster and cheaper — all without sacrificing security and reliability. GitHub Enterprise provides a comprehensive DevOps platform helping millions of development teams worldwide deliver business value aligned with security and governance while fostering a culture of collaboration and agility within your organisation.

Adopting a new DevOps platform impacts everyone from developers, cloud architects, testers, business analysts to product owners. Organisations need to ensure that teams are setup for success and provided the tools and knowledge to get started from day zero. As GitHub licencing and services partners, Insight is equipped to enable your team’s GitHub adoption and enablement journey.

How Insight Help

Insight’s team of DevOps specialists will work with your team to scope, plan and execute a Proof of Concept of GitHub Enterprise and selected DevOps processes and apps to Azure that meets your organisation’s business and technical requirements.

During this engagement we will help understand and assess your current business challenges, and accelerate your code, app, and data modernisation plan.

Key deliverables include:

  • Workshop to identify DevOps requirements within the organisation
  • Configure GitHub Enterprise Cloud security and governance best practices
  • Configure Organisation level structures to enable team collaboration via innersource strategies
  • Provide template repositories exhibiting best-practices for working with GitHub
  • Implement a POC CI/CD workflow for a workload into your Azure Tenant leveraging GitHub Actions
  • Present POC results, business case and, GitHub enablement documentation

As a GitHub verified partner, and Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year in Azure Migration and Solution Assessments, Insight’s experience and expertise will help drive a cost-optimised, secure, and cloud-ready GitHub migration journey within your organisation.