Azure OSS 6-week implementation


In this 6-week fast start, Insight technical experts will assist the client on their journey to modernize two OSS applications to Azure.

This Fast Start lets your team partner with Insight to deploy a subset of your OSS application portfolio to Azure. We’ll do so by using our library of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules, source code scaffolding tools, reference architectures and cloud deployment best practices.

As a result of this Fast Start, you’ll accelerate a cloud migration and have up to two OSS applications running in a development environment (Azure App Services or AKS), as well as IaC to replicate the required resources. You’ll also have an Azure DevOps project with a functional pipeline to deploy these applications as a result of this Fast Start.

CLIENT PREP  before project begins (recommend OSS App Assessment)

  • Identify two OSS Applications (MEAN or LAMP stack) to be migrated to the cloud.
  • Identify related dependencies such as database connections, security etc. 
  • Prepare access to development environments, source code, & CI/CD pipelines, if available


  • Introductions & process overview
  • Initiation call with project sponsor and participants
  • Create the application Architecture for the two agreed upon applications


  • Review current state of  the application source code and process to deploy/run the application
  • Create the required infrastructure with Insight’s TF scripts
  • Deploy applications to the deployed Azure resources


  • Review the migration results

Benefits • Run your applications without maintaining underlying infrastructure. • Scale your applications dynamically to meet demand. • Gain an understanding of how your applications will perform in the cloud. • Get a playbook for migrating OSS applications of similar size and architecture.