Landing Zone: 11-Day Implementation

InSpark BV

A Landing Zone within the Azure Cloud is a fully configured cloud environment with a standard set of shared infrastructure components, security, best-practices and guidelines.

InSpark believes in co-creation. A traditional customer-supplier relationship is not what defines a successful collaboration. All involved need to be committed to make it a joint success. This means that InSpark chooses to work with one team, whereby the various roles and responsibilities are agreed upon. This ensures the right approach, migration and implementation strategy is chosen together. InSpark makes sure your organization feels comfortable, so it can continue independently after the Landing Zone has been deployed. By using a standard approach based on knowledge, experience and best-practices, from both Microsoft and InSpark, InSpark runs through these processes in a controlled and predictable manner. In this way, all stakeholders involved know what they need to consider and what results they can expect.

The advantages of the InSpark Landing Zone are as follows:

• Hub and Spoke architecture principle provides separation between shared services and other workloads • Own naming convention & network design • Link with exiting on-premises environments in a hybrid configuration (optional) • Scalable environment which can meet increasing growth requirements • Monitoring of availability, activities and costs • Expandable with InSpark Managed Cloud Services such as Managed IaaS, Managed PaaS, Managed Cloud SQL Firewall, Managed Cloud Containers and Managed Oxygen • Integration with InSpark’s Cloud Security Center

InSpark performs the following activities:

• Workshop requirements session including design decisions • Azure Landing Zone – High Level Design • Azure Landing Zone – Implementation & Configuration • Implementation of Monitoring & Back-up • Documentation and (knowledge) transfer • Project Management

After going through these steps, your organization is ready to further expand its environment in the cloud. The Landing Zone provides a solid base which allows your organization to leverage other Microsoft Azure services in a secure and controlled manner.