Intercept Azure Marketplace 2-d workshop


Get your application published in the Azure Marketplace and accelerate your innovation and deploy seamlessly while simplifying billing and procurement.

SaaS marketplace offer Software Companies are in the business of creating value for their customer and selling their product. Azure Marketplace provides an additional sales channel in the form of a SaaS offering. Onboarding your SaaS solution to the Azure Marketplace can be quite a task but we’re offering a standardized onboarding solution. We offer a short term and long-term scenario, depending on where you are in your app modernization journey.

Short term Publishing your SaaS solution to the Azure Marketplace requires you to provide a smooth onboarding experience to your solution for your customers. From a technical perspective this means that the Azure Marketplace will send a message (webhook) to your solution which can start the provisioning or cancelation process. Often, software companies don’t have an endpoint that can process these messages. As Intercept we will provide a standard solution to accept those messages and provide a customized landing page for your customer. If your solution can automatically provision customers through an existing endpoint, we will forward the messages and structure them according to your requirements. This would result in a fully automated provisioning and deprovisioning services. However, we understand that this might not be in place just yet. As an intermediate solution we can process the messages manually (for example inform your teams per e-mail that provisioning is required).

Agenda day #1 understanding and assessing the application, design, api, integration and technical dependancies day #2 providing technical recommendations and changes before connecting with the Azure Marketplace and optimizing live the application for publication