Azure Migration Readiness : 5-6 Weeks Assessment

Ismile Technologies

We help you mitigate the risks of cloud adoption through Azure migration readiness assessment. Here we undertake server infrastructure assessment, workload utlization and many others.

Azure Migration Readiness : 5-6 Weeks Assessment

The Azure Migration Readiness Assessment determines the cloud maturity of the company, and provide reports and recommendations of the same. Thereby the migration roadmap is framed and cloud adoption on Azure is accelerated. We review the need for rearchitecting of workloads to ease out migration on Azure. We analyze your workloads with key metrics and dependencies estimating the cost and building the migration plan.

For Azure migration readiness we undertake assessment of server infrastructure to analyze the server workloads utilization across the IT landscape. Next, we undertake assessment of resource utilization of the workloads. Based on estimations and assessment we create the Azure migration readiness assessment plan along with identifying candidates for Azure migration POC.

Azure Migration Readiness Assessment Stages - (5-6 weeks)

• Recording and collecting data about the inventory of server infrastructure • Analyzing and collecting the metrics for workload utilization • Segregating the workloads like identifying the non-production ones • Form the Azure VM sizing, identify opportunities for modernization and undertake cost feasibility analysis alongwith setting cost models for migration • Choose the application candidate for migration • Use application dependencies for segmenting and categorizing workloads • Segment out workloads based on application dependencies • Assess cloud migration readiness at application level • Assess cost, time, money and efforts involved in application modernization


• Server inventory reports • Hardware, OS and dependencies report • Software reports • Workload utilization metrics, Azure Readiness Assessment, Storage Profiling, Cost Projections • Azure VM Migration reports estimated per VMs and include profiling of storage and cost projections • Application Migration Readiness reports