Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment

It1 Source LLC

Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment will analyze current workloads to determine which applications, services, and/or data can be migrated to Azure

An Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment will help you make informed decisions to plan your move to Azure. Our team will review and analyze your current IT inventory, determine which workloads are compatible to move to the cloud, such as on-prem to Azure, Windows or Linux Server to Azure VM, SQL to SQL on Azure, Remote Desktop Services to Azure Virtual Desktop. and identify any server dependencies. An organization will further benefit from scalability, adaptability, and operationalize their growing hybrid model. Companies will also see a financial savings from moving their workloads into Azure.

Our approach aligns to the cloud adoption framework and is broken out into a 5 phased process Align - Understand business outcomes and IT goals Assess - Resource utilization, workload compatibility, server dependencies Recommend - Cost analysis, financial modeling and actionable plan for in-scope workloads Migrate - Define Schedule and Project milestones Govern - review current state of policies and implement foundation and future discipline and policies

Assessment deliverables:

  • Documented findings and recommendations
  • Optimized Azure cost estimates based upon projected resource utilization and consumption
  • Estimate of time and cost for iT1 migration services
  • Assist with design of Azure Landing Zone