itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform : 4 week implementation and services


Using the itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform Azure Services Blueprint to implement a secure Enterprise Data Platform for storing and combining multiple data sources, and providing Analytics

The itelligent-i Data and Analytics Platform (iDAP) blueprint is an essential part of delivering Enterprise wide Analytics built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

itelligent-i consultants with deliver a Azure Data Platform architecture which will be enhanced to suit any specific security and analytical needs ours customers have.

itelligent-i will work with Information Governance, Information/IT Security and IT departments to ensure the Azure Platform is understood and fully compliant, and will guide customers through there compliance and IT approval processes.

Finally, itelligent-i will implement the Azure Data Services in preparation for data to be consumed and analytics being developed, both of which itelligent-i can support with.