Desktop Application Planning: 4-Week Implementation

iTrellis LLC

Create the foundation for your desktop application project with a quick design phase, technology assessment and the Azure infrastructure in place to start development.

Design and plan a desktop application software solution with iTrellis. Deliverables include screen designs and a backlog of development tasks, and the Azure infrastructure to start checking in code. This offer includes all the essential activities to start your project, regardless of whether you use internal resources or continue your project with iTrellis developers.

This service offering expedites the software application design phase, and builds the custom Azure infrastructure to immediately start development and testing. During the first two weeks, iTrellis reviews product requirements, decides on specific technologies that will support those requirements, and translates them into screen user interface (UI) designs. Then in the final two weeks, iTrellis decomposes the architecture and design into a dev-ready backlog and roadmap, and sets up the DevOps environment to match your development team's needs. Whether starting a brand new desktop application, or modernizing an existing one, this turn-key service offering sets your team up to start building and testing with modern design and development infrastructure practices.

Week 1

  • Review existing processes, documentation and architecture.
  • Assess required technologies.

Week 2

  • Draft system architecture, including platform, connectivity, authentication, security and distribution.
  • Design screen UIs.

Week 3

  • Set up Azure repositories, release pipelines, and processes specific to your project in order to start development.

Week 4

  • Create backlog of development-ready work items.
  • Build roadmap of sprints to estimate development effort and capacity.

The services provided in this offering will be performed on a time and materials basis. Variables that will determine the final price and duration include the number of screens designs and review cycles. iTrellis's development team can also provide proof of concept prototyping for key app features at additional cost.

iTrellis creates innovative and impactful technology solutions for startups and Fortune 100 companies. We are extending this service offer to help your team deliver.