Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

KiZAN Technologies

A proof of concept of Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI in your environment.

Experience a new class of analytics with Azure Synapse and Power BI.

Unlock the full business value of your data with the best of analytics from Microsoft. With an industry-leading combination of Azure Synapse and Power BI, get unmatched time-to-insight with a limitless analytics service and combine it with an industry-leading business intelligence platform, all in a single management workspace with common security and governance

Get a demonstration of this powerful combination in your environment and learn how it can help you unlock data-drive transformation

Customers using Azure Synapse & Power BI are achieving:

  • 271% Average ROI
  • 27% Faster Time to Insights
  • 26% Lower Total Cost of Ownership


  • Assess and envision
    • Analyze your current data infrastructure to understand gaps and complexities
    • Connect with analytics stakeholders to review potential analytics case cases
  • Design and integrate
    • Implement and configure a customized Azure Data Solution
  • Build
    • Develop ETL processes, along with the Power BI artifacts (Datasets, Dataflows, Reports, Dashboards)
  • Educate and transfer
    • Socialize the PoC results with the leadership
    • Transfer solution documentation and all artifacts