Managed Services for Azure - 1 Hour Briefing

Knowit AB

In our 1 hour briefing we present our Passionate Support for Azure offering that modernizes your Azure cloud environment management.

Free up your time to focus on what you do best and let us look after your cloud environments. We run and secure your Azure cloud operations 24/7.

Our skilled and certified team in the Nordics will run and secure your business-critical services 24/7 so you can concentrate on your core business. Through our 24/7 Operations Centre, we provide all key managed cloud services under one solution. Acting as your cloud partner, we help you monitor, and maintain all cloud environments to optimise costs and prevent or minimise application downtime. You’ll get infrastructure and architecture design competence on demand.

We will take care of any transition project, new cloud-based architecture design, data security, and 24/7 operations to make your life easier and ensure your customers get the best care.

Our local cloud team is the strongest and most responsive 24/7 team in the Nordic region. We offer the strongest technical and operational skills and unrivalled experience in the cloud services and technologies, DevOps operational model, and digital transformation. We take pride in solving issues on the first touch and faster than promised in a Service-level agreement (SLA).

Passionate Support is flexible and grows with your needs. You can choose to upgrade to a higher service level when your application becomes more business critical. We are passionate about keeping your services up and running—so that you can stay passionate about serving and delighting your customers.

In this meeting we cover:

  • Operating model
  • Value proposition
  • Contract models
  • Pricing models