Data Platform: 12-Wk Implementations


Rapidly create your desired data ecosystem by integrating all your existing data sources and customer touch points into a cohesive network that drives reporting, analytics and operational processes

Empirics specialise in leveraging Azure cloud technologies to build integrated Data Platforms (Modern Data Warehousing solutions) that connect all your data assets into a secure, living data ecosystem - built to your individual requirements.

The Data Platform drives your strategic and business objectives, delivering the hosted environment to: • Ingest multiple data sources and data feeds from inside and outside your business • Stage and transform the data into a single customer view data model • Provision your integrated and optimised data for analytics and insights • Dynamically connect your data to multiple applications

Data Platforms are highly secure and configurable integrated SaaS solutions designed to support enterprise level data and execute advanced analytics strategies specifically for operational, reporting and forecasting purposes.

Depending on your individual requirements, your Data Platform can be hosted within:

  1. The ISO27001 certified Link Group Azure cloud tenancy, or
  2. Deployed within your own Azure tenancy

Data Platforms are developed to your own individual requirements, and are typically based on the following building blocks: • Azure Data Lake - storage Structured and Unstructured Data - underpinned by Azure Data Factory data orchestration and pipelines to develop a single customer view data model • Advanced Data Intelligence (utilising Azure Machine Learning, R and Python languages) • Power BI for Self-Service Data Visualisation and Automated Reporting • API connectivity for other external data streams

Key Benefits • Complete and integrated view of customers, operations, finance, activities and data touchpoints configured for optimised insights with advanced data intelligence • Ability to develop sophisticated and automated analytics and data visualisation • Significantly improve operational efficiency with data integration and scalable cloud technologies • Self-service data capability and data provision