LTI RapidAdopt: Cloud Assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

Accelerate your Cloud Adoption Journey with 360-degree cloud feasibility analysis of IT assets aided with faster business decisions and outcomes.

LTI is Microsoft Azure Expert MSP certified and uses LTI RapidAdopt - Cloud Assessment toolkit with pre-defined rules & criteria, which helps fast track adoption of various cloud models. Based on the overall scores, the accurate Cloud strategy is formulated – Lift and Shift, Re-Factor, Re-Architect, and so on. The Cloud Assessment Framework enables organizations to assess their cloud readiness roadmap using Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

LTI Cloud Assessment is a Cloud agnostic, vendor responsive methodology, focusing on low risk, great return business transformation. It is a structured, fact-based analysis framework, consisting of pre-built accelerators such as automated discovery templates & tools, cloud technology compatibility checker, portfolio analyzers, and ROI calculator. It also holds dynamic, growing IP and knowledge on proven cloud use cases, applicability of technology & business drivers, and broad migration execution experience.

The framework uses a range of multiple analytical questions, and various dimensions across technical, operational, business, compliance, and security functions, for technology readiness assessment in the cloud.