Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Week Workshop

Lunavi, Inc.

Lunavi's one-week workshop covering the fundamentals of a well-architected cloud environment and initial AVD configuration, deployment, and testing.

Overview Start your virtual desktop journey in Azure with a one-week workshop covering the fundamentals of a well-architected cloud environment and initial AVD configuration, deployment, and testing.

Lunavi is an Azure Expert MSP and Microsoft Gold Partner. Our experienced consultants dig deep into the business drivers behind your virtual desktop project to deliver a proof concept that will lay the foundation for success. AVD Workshops include:

• Assessment of your Azure environment • Foundational build for Azure Virtual Desktop • AVD Proof of Concept deployment • Reporting and knowledge sharing

AVD offers a multi-session Windows experience delivered virtually anywhere. With optimizations for Microsoft 365 and the ability to stream applications and deliver SaaS solutions to your users, AVD is a powerful and flexible way to deliver fully-fledged desktop experiences.

Lunavi can help you rapidly deploy and scale your virtual desktop environment with cloud agility and flexible pricing. Built-in PaaS features like intelligent security and identity management make administration easier than ever. Additional benefits include:

• Lower costs, licensing savings, and less time spent administrating desktop devices • Improved productivity and collaboration with M365 integration • Flexible deployment options including choice of OS and end client device, persistent or non-persistent desktops, and more • Simplified desktop management and administration • Security features including Azure Active Directory, reduced attack surface, granular access control, and isolated user sessions • Delivered from the leading Azure cloud platform with IaaS, PaaS, and serverless solutions backed by partners and deep Marketplace offerings

Plans This one-week workshop offers a phased approach to AVD adoption with the following steps:

  1. Azure Assessment – Lunavi will kickoff the project with a planning session, resource alignment, subscription creation, and survey of the client’s existing Azure resources, if applicable, including licensing, IT stack, system dependencies, and goals for the virtual desktop environment.
  2. Foundation Build – Lunavi will work alongside client teams to validate the existing Azure environment or build out the initial landing zone following the Microsoft’s Well-Architected best practices for the AVD deployment.
  3. AVD Proof of Concept – Configuration of desktop host pool with choice of standardized image and Application Group, Active Directory, virtual machines, and network connectivity to client site. Build systems for scale-out, load balancing, monitoring, and security.
  4. Project Closeout – Presentation, Q&A, and final workshop report delivery. Discuss next steps in cloud journey.