Data Management 10 Week Implementation


Modak's data management services and solutions provide 4-10x acceleration in availability of data for analytics and data science use cases.
Our metadata-driven approach, automation and Machine Learning (ML) techniques make data management on Azure cloud seamless and reliable. Nabu– Modak’s integrated data management platform converges data discovery, ingestion, preparation, cataloguing, unification, quality and profiling into a single enterprise platform with metadata as the primary driver and can be deployed on Azure.

Modak’s solutions and services have been deployed to address some of the most complex data management challenges at Fortune 500 companies.


At petabyte scale, discovering, ingesting, profiling, tagging and transforming data, is a challenging task. Often, analytics projects do not progress beyond piloting and experimentation phase, due to such challenges.

Modak’s solutions provide streamlined data management at petabyte scale, with built in support for utilizing Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 as data lakes.


Maximum time in analytics initiatives is spent on data preparation. Using accelerators to automate mundane and laborious data preparation tasks, Modak significantly reduces the time taken it takes to make data available.

With significant automation built into our solutions for repetitive tasks, Modak offers a higher level of assurance in enabling analytics use cases within planned timelines.


Depending on customer’s priorities, some of the deliverables in an engagement:

* Discover and create a standard inventory of all data sources.

* Move data from different sources to identified target(s) for further analysis.

* Enable exploration of data through search and visualisation