Mphasis - Azure Data Platform 10-wk Assessment


Mphasis will provide a Blueprint for Azure Data Platform and Migration Roadmap, with a demonstrable pilot.

Mphasis will perform a 3-5week assessment, to evaluate your entire data estate foundations and develop a blueprint for your target data platform. We will demonstrate the ability to migrate small to medium workloads in a 6 -10 week period, through a pilot, based on your specific context and complexity. We will deploy the azure data tools like Azure Datafactory, Azure Databricks, Azure streaming analytics, Azure Synapse, Azure datalake integrated with devops and build analytics with hot and cold path for data. Mphasis will provide the blueprint for modern data infrastructure on Azure cloud , build the data platform with the required security , guardrails and demonstrate pilot a migration. This output of the program will provide the data services team an industrial foundation and a proof of value to plan enterprise wide complex migration.

Mphasis will showcase the data architecture and provide a hot path real time analytics as well as a cold path for history and trend analysis. Mphasis is able to achieve this by using the Azure provided tools as well as proprietary assessment/migration/monitoring tools.

There are 3 stages to data migration to cloud and we consultatively show case the value addition that provide giving you as much as 80% savings.

Stage 1: DATA WAREHOUSE ASSESSMENT​ Fast-paced deep-dive assessment ​ Discovers unknown complexities​ Reveals underlying dependencies​ Delivers future state design​ Build a sprint-based migration strategy​ Cloud data solution optimization​

​Stage2: WORKLOAD TRANSLATION​ ETL conversion – saves 60%​ SQL translations - Automated​ Built-in optimizations​

Stage3:DATA VALIDATION​ Intelligent data validation​ Zero data movement​ Builds Confidence​ Gradual cutover​ Avoid big bang Data Warehouse sunset​