Azure Arc based Hybrid Solution - 4 Wk POC

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Accelerate adoption of Azure Arc based Hybrid Solution in just four weeks

Managing enterprise workloads that span hybrid environments like multiple clouds, on premises, and data centres is complex, challenging, and costly.

Nous Azure Arc based Hybrid Solution can help you overcome these common challenges and more by delivering a unified and consistent hybrid solution for your complete IT estate.


Week 1

  • Azure Arc insight workshop
  • Discovery and assessment
  • Target architecture definition
  • Set up network connectivity between heterogenous environments
  • Migration roadmap and plan
  • Week 2

  • Azure account setup, policies, and compliance
  • Azure Arc setup and configuration
  • Automation scripts- VM onboarding, data servers
  • Configure Azure governance and security templates
  • Week 3

  • Validate the Arc configuration
  • Validate compliance audit checklists (CIS/SOC type)
  • Test run, validation, verification
  • Review the configuration with client
  • Week 4

  • Azure control plane telemetry and log analytics dashboards
  • Azure policy service to ensure compliance with SLA
  • Declarative resource management -continuous monitoring with Azure Monitor, alarm setup, incident management workflows
  • Threat detection and vulnerability assessment with Azure Defender
  • Deliverables

  • Azure Arc insight workshop
  • Deployment reference architecture and approach document
  • Azure automation (backup and failover tasks)
  • Best practices guide to operate and manage Azure Arc environment
  • Azure Arc governance, policies, and security blueprints
  • Functional, highly available Arc-enabled VM/ SQL cluster in the customer’s Azure subscription