Modern Data Platform on Azure: 10-Week Impl

Objectivity Sp. z o.o

Objectivity’s offer is intended for companies looking to take their data processing onto a new level.

The goal of this service is the implementation of a complete Azure-based data platform. The 10-week programme incorporates:

  • A thorough evaluation of the existing solution and data usage across the company.
  • Migration roadmap and Modern Data Platform architecture design, based on your business priorities.
  • Minimum Valuable Product implementation with the scope defined during discovery sessions.
  • End-to-end infrastructure setup for data ingestion, modelling and analytics.
  • Process validation, functional and non-functional testing, UAT, and, finally, cutover to the new reporting solution.

Our DataOps focus enables us to implement a complete Modern Data Platform in only 10 weeks. We work with an agile approach to deliver business value quickly, and our automated development process guarantees the best quality of the solution. As the result, you receive a custom-fit, end-to-end data solution that can still be easily expanded and further customised in the future.


  • Architecture design for modern data platform
  • MVP scope backlog selection and implementation
  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Documentation of the solution
  • 3 years TCO calculation
  • Executive summary