Azure Migration Assessment: 2 Week Assessment


Azure Assessment is aimed at helping organisations understand how their applications and data center estate will be optimised to run in Azure.

Olikka's Azure Migration assessment is designed to help organisations with the following:

  • understand what their Azure running costs will be
  • identify opportunities to modernise, consolidate and decomission
  • understand technical and business blockers
  • Evaluate applications against the 5R's


  • Run a discovery workshop which discusses business requirements & drivers, IT infra and operations, & overview of tools and data collection approach
  • Deploy Microsoft Analysis tools and allow 2 weeks of collection time
  • Collate & analyse findings
  • Conduct cloud adoption workshop
  • Present Azure assessment report


###Cloud Assessment Report which outlines the following:

  • Monthly Azure Costs (Including Hybrid Use Benefits and Reserved Instances)
  • Other charges such as express route, connectivity, backup, DR and data transfer costs
  • Number of Servers to migrate
  • "Right Sizing" of each server eligible for migration to Azure
  • Workloads or Services suitable to a PaaS migration