OneBI_GPT_ GekoBOT: 12-Months Implementation


Azure Cloud Web Applications using Chat-GPT and OpenAI

OneBI is an OpenAI pioneer in Israel, developing unique projects utilizing Azure OpenAI GPT technology. We implement innovative AI solutions, based on Azure OpenAI and other Azure AI capabilities. Our solutions fully support Hebrew language.

Our OpenAI / GPT consulting services include: • Envisioning and use-case discovery workshop • OpenAI Proof of Concept / Pilot development • Training for customers on OpenAI usage • Architecture design sessions • End-to-end solution development/implementation, including system design, development, testing, deployment and implementation

Solutions we already built for our customers include:

  1. AI-based chatbots tailored to business needs, including the collection and training of specific data sets.
  2. Text and conversation analysis - processing long texts based on parameters and converting the information into a dashboard.
  3. Intelligent search of organizational information - for example, searching for solutions to exceptional malfunctions or searching for names and codes of rare diseases.

Value proposition: business audience: Marketing, Information Technologie, Data Department, Call Centers, Service Centers target industry: Finance(insurance companies, Credit Card, Banks), HealthCare , Car Rental/Sales industry, Universities