Azure Foundation Assessment: 4-6 weeks

Perficient Inc

This assessment provides data-driven insight into your existing server and database resources to assess and build your cloud migration strategy.

Our Azure Foundation Assessment enables you to assess your cloud readiness, prioritize Azure-ready workloads, &align your migration strategy with vision, security & compliance, establishing connectivity & governance, by leveraging the Cloud Adoption Framework, Enterprise-Scale & other best practices.

Over a 4-6 week timeline, outcomes will include: • Alignment with business strategy & cloud business case • Infrastructure discovery (networking, resiliency, hybrid connectivity, etc.) • Cloud organizational hierarchy review - Azure account, tenant, security model, additional partners, EA/CSP, etc. • Data-driven resource discovery with Movere • Design and implement core infrastructure and networking - Virtual WAN, S2S VPN, ExpressRoute, 3rd party firewalls, etc. • Design of cloud governance blueprint and configuration of baseline Azure Policy • Baseline of Cost Management, Security Center, Compliance Center implementation and analysis • Operational monitoring, alerting and observability strategy aligned with customer ecosystem • Automation strategy for IaC, CI/CD, source control, Azure resource provisioning, developer velocity • Application portfolio analysis and assessments with CAST Highlight and Azure tooling • Workload discovery, classification and planning workshops • Definition of Cloud leadership teams and Skills Initiative recommendations • Workload migration, application modernization, app refactoring and/or custom dev

Deliverables include: • Environment assessment • Movere implementation & scans • Manual review of key solutions • Access to analysis tenant • Findings presentation & action plan

Actual costs may vary depending on engagement length. Microsoft funding may be available.