Surveyor 360 WVD: 10 Day Assessment


Assessment of current infrastructure & apps. Outcome is working pilot and production ready WVD. Agenda KickOff Meeting, Architecture Options, Produce Design Document and Azure resources. Offer for UK.

Offer for the UK Market, developed by Phoenix, our unique approach Assessment, design and subsequent delivery of Windows Virtual Desktop acts as a starting point for getting relevant information about your current end-user computing environment and application requirements.

The Surveyor 360 WVD Module is designed to help you perform an Assessment of your existing environment and seamlessly transition into build, pilot and get production ready to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop for specifi c use cases or at scale across your organisation.

Agenda for key delivery phases:

Assessment Kick Off Meeting - Finalise Scope, Produce PID Workshop - Architecture Whiteboarding Networking Review, Firewalls, Routing, Links Review AD, Group Policies, DNS, UPN's Review Azure Networking, Load Balancing Review Tenancy / Subscription (PAYG/1-RI/3-RI) Review Access Requirements / IAM / 2FA Review / Define VM Sizing Guidelines Review / Define Access Controls Produce Design Document Review and Sign off Design Document

Phase 2 - Implement (Optional) Create Tenancy / Subscription Create / Deploy Azure based Domain Controllers Create VPN Link (OnPremise to Cloud) Type TBC Link AD from On Premise to Azure Based DC's Create Azure resources for WVD Components Create WVD User Groups, Service Principles Deploy Windows 10 Multi-Session Desktops with O365 Deploy App Pool - Windows 10 Multi-Session

Phase 3 - Addtional Implementation and App Deployment Create File Shares (Type to Determine) Azure Files, Windows File Servers, Netapp Files in Azure Integrate FSLogix Profile Container Integrate FSLogix for O365 Offline Cache Mode Install / Configure Printer Drivers Implement WVD Management Portal Test End to End Connectivity Create / Link Group Policies Create / Link Scripts Connect Drive Mappings to On Premise Connect to Exchange / O365 / OneDrive and Test Implement WVD Auto Scaling for Host Pools