Windows Virtual Desktop - 4 week Proof of Concept

Piksel Ltd

Experience a full Piksel Group implementation of WVD tailored to your needs with a four week trial.

Our Windows Virtual Desktop PoC can help you demonstrate the technical feasibility and financial viability of adopting a secure remote working solution based around WVD.

The outcome of the Piksel Group WVD PoC is a functioning Windows Virtual Desktop solution. This environment will provide users with a virtual desktop, configured, secured and scaled based on the output of our defined discovery phase. The Piksel Group PoC implementation includes: Provisioning of Azure based services and connectivity, Integration with existing identity services (if appropriate), and the creation of a base image(s) to be used for deployment, creation/provision of users expected to utilise the service

This structured deployment journey, from initial concept to a fully functioning WVD implementation using discovery, design and deployment plans will provide valuable input into any business case.

Please note: The pricing of this offer is estimated on a typical Piksel Group deployment, and factors such as scale and complexity, which we capture in a short questionaire during discovery, may affect this price.