Data Strategy: 4-Days Assessment

pmOne AG

Your roadmap to a data-driven enterprise - from requirements to a proof-of-concept to a customized Azure Cloud Environment

In this 4-day Data Strategy Assessment, we work with you to create the roadmap for your data-driven future! In particular, pmOne & Microsoft team up to assess your current level of digitalization and elicit the requirements of your business cases. In the final step, we map these requirements to the services the Microsoft Azure platform offers. As a primary delivery, you get a detailed report which summarizes the assessment and the use cases. With our extensive experience from past projects and different industries, we create a cost--value estimate of your use cases and prioritize them in order to start or extend your digitization journey with the help of Microsoft Azure's service in the right direction from day 1 on! The assessment is divided into four phases: Kick-Off, Assessment, Concept, and final Presentation. In the Kick-Off, we assess your digitization level and introduce you to the world of modern data platforms on Microsoft Azure. This is followed by an extensive assessment phase, in which we interview your departments and systematically gather their needs and use cases. In the conception phase, we take the results from the assessment and map these to a custom-tailored data strategy powered by Microsoft Azure. In a final presentation, we discuss the outcome of the assessment and build a roadmap for your next steps. As a primary delivery, you get a detailed report which summarizes the assessment and the use cases. Typically these use cases range from architectural decision, your reporting future, data governance concerns, or cases from the wide field of data science and artificial intelligence! Together with the experts from Microsoft, we will show you, how the Azure platform and Microsoft's services can help you to get to the next level!

Main deliverables:

  • An assessment of your data strategy & maturity level.
  • A cost--value assessment of the next steps and use cases.
  • A final data strategy roadmap tailored to your needs!

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