Microsoft Azure Synapse Boot Camp : 4 Day Enablement Workshop

Pragmatic Works Training, Inc

This private 4 day Azure Synapse boot camp will take participants from novice to master when it comes to applying Microsoft technologies to enable intelligent business decisions for the enterprise.

This 4-day private boot camp for up to 15 attendees , led by a Pragmatic Works Architect, starts at the introduction level and then takes students on a deep dive into Azure Synapse Analytics with lecture, discussion, demos and hands on practice and development. Azure Synapse Analytics (ASA) aims to reduce silo’d data that occurs as a result of too many technology options also known as the paradox of analytics. With ASA you have Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Synapse Notebooks, SQL Pools, Power BI and ETL with pipelines and dataflows all integrated into a single workspace. These technologies combined create the analytics continuum, a single workspace where your various personas can work together on a standardized set of technologies to drive business intelligence across the organization.

Objectives & Outcomes: Students will come away with deep knowledge in leveraging the set of technologies in Azure Synapse Analytics to improve current processes, increase cloud adoption and enable intelligent business decisions. • Get the skills needed to embrace Azure Synapse - Advance from Novice to Master • Get in-depth training with minimal time and financial investment Gain skills that can instantly be applied

Sample Topics/Technologies to be applied during Boot Camp: Module 1 – Azure Architecture Overview Module 2 – Azure Synapse Analytics Introduction Module 3 – Azure Data Lake Module 4 – Azure SQL Pools Module 5 – ETL in Azure Synapse Module 6 – Azure Synapse pipelines and data flows Module 7 – Scheduling and Monitoring Module 8 – Azure Synapse Notebooks Module 9 – Azure Key Vault Integration Module 10 – Azure Logic Apps Module 11 – Power BI For Reporting