App Modernization: 3-Months Implementation


Technology on fast track application modernization service for the business success.

App Modernization Fast-Track is a solution designed to help companies effectively modernize their current applications - both internal and client-facing - using the benefits of Azure Kubernets services.

Unlike traditional IT implementation services, our Fast-track solution connects most relevant business aspects driving modernization efforts with specific technical aspects of your systems, attacking the most prominent modernization opportunities iteratively, accelerating the time-to-value by up to 50% and ensuring results with clear and measurable business metrics.

Here is our engagement model:

Agenda: Week 1: Business Drivers mapping Week 2: Technical assessment Week 3: Strategy Plan & metrics definition - Planning for migrate to Azure Kubernets service 3 Months: First Release: Implementation - Iterative Implementation: 90-days value-delivery milestones.