Data Analytics: 15-Days Proof-Of-Concept


Your Data Intelligence Solution. Improve your business with Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.

Businesses today are under pressure to drive innovation and improve results – increase sales, maximize profitability and reduce costs. With this, Programmer's has designed accelerators to help you explore the benefits of Data Science and AI applied to your business.

It’s a 3-week engagement that aims to explore one business scenario at your organization and leverage Data Science to improve results. It’s the best starting point for evaluating the potential of Data Science to boost your business.

The benefits you can expect are:

  • Quick engagement with small investment to explore how data science can improve current processes and results;
  • Provides you valuable information to support strategic planning & budgeting discussions with stakeholders at the company;
  • Solid first step to promote and foster innovation at the organization;

How the engagement works?

Programmer’s will kick-off the engagement to define: goals, business scenario and assess the data we can leverage. As soon as we have the data available, we'll explore it, transform and experiment with it on our data science laboratory, using data services on Azure. We will then build and reuse our algorithms to provide you with the results. Along with that, our specialists will provide you with a roadmap, pointing out the areas we expect to get the most benefit by enriching the algorithm/engine built.

Possible business scenarios:

Classification Models

  • Region ranking by sales potential
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Lead scoring & conversion
  • Employee turnover prediction

Regression Models

  • Demand forecasting
  • Energy cost prediction

Recommendation Models

  • Recommendation engine for products and services

Anomaly Detection Models

  • Intelligent preventive maintenance
  • Assets misuse detection
  • Fraud detection

Cognitive models: Image & Text analysis

  • Defective product detection by image
  • Sentiment analysis in social networks