Azure application migration readiness two-weeks assessment


This assessment helps organizations understand the readiness of their applications and infrastructure for migration and develop a well-informed migration strategy to Azure.

Please connect with us for a 2-week assessment to migrate your application(s) to Azure. We believe it is important to assess your readiness for migration before embarking on the process. This assessment will help you identify any potential problems and challenges, and together we can develop a plan for selecting the right Azure migration strategy to move forward effectively.

Process and Deliverables:

  • Application assessment:
    • Outline the current state of application(s)
    • Document architecture and dependencies
    • Potential areas of improvement and new features
    • Manual and automated code analysis
  • Understanding the Environment:
    • Current network topology and infrastructure
    • Areas for separation and areas for optimization in context of Azure migration
    • Azure to on-premises dependencies
    • Potential bottlenecks and security consideration
  • Risk assessment that might arise from migration, along with mitigation strategies.
  • Migration plan:
    • Migration options, then detailed plan and roadmap for selected option
    • Estimates, timelines, resource requirements and migration strategy
  • Post-migration operational plan, including:
    • Support and maintenance
    • Automated monitoring, alerting, logging, backup, disaster recovery strategies


  • Duration 2 weeks.
  • The pricing and timelines are estimates based on average application size and will be adjusted after agreed on proposal.
  • Organizational commitment, availability and cooperation of key stakeholders, including:
    • Subject matter experts, both app dev and business side
    • Data, InfoSec, infrastructure & network engineering representation
Reach out to us for a discussion.