Azure Serverless App Development 10 Week Impl.

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Drive innovation through new application development

Building your application starts with gaining a full understanding of the business and IT objectives. Through interviews with your team we’ll discover and analyze the requirements, including UI, application flow, data source(s), business logic and any integration details.

Celsior will then develop a working and deployed cloud native application leveraging Azure serverless compute, Azure Functions and serverless app environments. Taking this approach, clients can meet their business objectives while also reducing their long-term application infrastructure requirements and associated costs.

Whether your project is based on low code, mobile devices, RPA, web, .Net, or Java tools and architectures; we give you the ability to staff up and down larger projects with resources both onsite and offshore. We’ll make your business successful, and do it on time and within budget.

Qualifying customers may be eligible for Microsoft funding to support these offers. Contact us for the statement of work and full details.

Intentionally Inclusive™
Celsior Technologies is committed to being an intentionally inclusive organization - meaning all people are provided with equal opportunity - and both the organization and its people realize their full potential.