Database migration to OSS : 8-weeks Implementation

Quadrant Resource LLC

Migrate any DB to any OSS Database through Azure cloud using Quadrant Resource's Q-Migrator tool

Are you looking out change from legacy database system? Do want to modernize your IT infrastructure and adopt cloud? Quadrant has the solutions. Quadrant Resource has developed proprietary tool Q-Migrator and has strong data modernization practice that provides assessment and automates the entire end to end migration process to Azure. Quadrant Resource is an Azure Expert MSP and offers industry best solutions to migrate from an existing database which helps clients to save costs, enhance reliability, and achieve scalability.

Q-Migrator is a web-based tool for migrating on-prem or cloud databases such as Oracle/SQL Server to Open-source databases like PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB to Azure. This highly secured Q-Migrator tool handles all the aspects of Database migration from client on-boarding to assessment, deployment, and testing. Automated code conversion for heterogeneous database migrations is the main differentiator that no other tool in the marketplace offers. The entire migration process, including any manual code conversions, can be streamlined to speed up migration from months to weeks.

Quadrant’s migration strategy is divided into five major areas as mentioned below at a high level.

  1. Assess and analyze: Pre-migration Feasibility Report and Analysis
  2. Plan and Design: Migration Plan and Design Documentation, Impact Analysis Roll Back Plan
  3. Pilot Migration: Provision Target Azure SQL DB and Validate Schema and Sample Data
  4. Migration Sequence: Schema, Data, Object, Validate and Verify data
  5. Post Migration Support: Documentation, Support , Fix Bug and Fine Tuning Validation and Signoff

Unique Features: • Heterogeneous database code conversion • Any source database to any target database • Like Oracle to Postgres or SQL server to SQL MI • CI/CD with Azure

End of Migration, you get • Better performance and productivity • Reduced ownership costs • Fast migration from months to weeks and 75% cost savings