Track and Monitor: 1 Day PoC

Telstra Corporation Limited

Turn asset tracking data into decisions. Telstra Track and Monitor can help your business track moving assets, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Today, your customers demand a better service, faster and cheaper. To meet these demands, you need to manage your moving assets more efficiently. The more visibility you have, the better you can manage your business. We’ll deliver the right asset tracking solution for your business, powered by Telstra IoT network technologies to securely support a range of IoT deployments. For a national transport company without a tracking solution, we calculated the potential loss in one year was nearly $4million.

  • Reduce the cost of lost or missing assets - Companies commonly misplace ~3% to 5% of their assets each year. IoT tracking and analytics can contribute directly to your business’ bottom line by reducing such losses.
  • Turn location data into decisions - Make decisions informed by location data that empowers you to manage assets at scale, connect your supply chain data and serve your customers better.
  • Improve your customer experience - Connect your supply chain to forecast deliveries or transfers, and reduce delays and improve efficiency by predicting fleet maintenance.

Telstra Track and Monitor is an IoT solution, built on the Azure platform leveraging Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hub and Azure Data Store, that gives you automated, mapped visibility of your moving assets at scale. Leveraging new Telstra innovations, data on your assets’ location and condition is collected by IoT devices and sent via cost efficient network technologies to be displayed on a simple, intuitive portal.

Azure IoT Hub gives you a secure communication channel for your Telstra IoT devices to send data. Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service that can receive and process millions of events per second from your Telstra IoT devices. This is all underpinned by Azure Data Storage which provide a massively scalable object store for data objects that is highly available.

We can implement a ‘proof of concept’ at your location.