Azure Migration Discovery: 5-Day Workshop

Ricoh UK Limited

Current infrastructure discovery to validate capacity, sizing and suitability requirements for design and migration to Microsoft Azure cloud

This 5 day Azure migration Discovery Workshop will assess your current infratructure in order to validate capacity, sizing and suitability requirements for design and migration to cloud. The resulting output will be used to advise customer on the efforts and duration required to plan the remaining activities and steps involved in the migration project, and of the migration activities themselves.

The output will offer two options to customers to proceed to next steps. Option 1 is Lift and Shift. This would usually be delivered via Azure Migrate. This option would generally provide a lower upfront Professional Services cost, but an increased initial monthly consumption cost. Option 2 is our recommended best practice and will, where possible, migrate to Azure hosted SaaS and PaaS options with the creation of new Virtual Machines ensuring that all components are built to latest best practice. This will include a higher initial cost due to the number of days required to complete, however this will ensure an Azure environment aligned to the current supported components with a suitable monthly consumption for example Windows Server 2019 and Azure SQL.

Ricoh will provide indicative Azure Consumption costing for Compute, Networking, and storage, including the migration from the current backup solution to Azure Backup.


This 5 day strategic consulting engagement is for 5 consultancy days however, takes place over several weeks to allow for deep discover, data capture and analysis.

Day 1: Introduce the engagement; define scope; and align expectations & timelines

Day 2: Deploy and configure Azure Migrate appliance, a period of 30 days is to be left to allow for data to be collected

Day 3-5: Analysis of data and report creation. Engagement close-out meeting to present the final deliverables, results and recommendations of the discovery analysis. The engagement closes with an agreement of timeline and next steps with the customer for the recommendations within the report.