Synapse Migration Scan: 3 wk assessment

Rubicon B.V.

Azure Synapse migration assessment for large scale deployments. An executable plan and architecture for migration to Synapse a in a professional, manageable and secure way.

You want to migrate all your data and data solutions to an Azure Synapse data platform in a short period of time. A solid migration with focus on continuity is important to you. Besides unleashing all the business potential for business intelligence, big data and data science that Azure Synapse has to offer.

A migration scan assessment is the first step to migrate to Azure Synapse. Our proven assessment and migration approach is based on experiences gained with Azure data migrations at large corporations and governments.

Deliverables (assessment result):

  1. Architecture advice Synapse
  2. Migration plan
  3. Deployment plan
  4. Continuity plan


  1. Professional migration to Azure Synapse in a short period of time.
  2. Being prepared to take on future data challenges regarding business intelligence, big data and data science.
  3. Ensured continuity (IT management).
  4. Professional deployment based on best-practices.

Approach: The Synapse migration plan and architecture is set up in consensus with all stakeholders to meet business needs and to comply to your company and industry IT standards. Several workshops are provided in which the following topics are discussed, among other topics and points of attention.

  1. Demarcation and inventory of data solutions to be migrated (define scope).
  2. Obtain requirements from future Synapse users.
  3. Company and IT industry standards.
  4. Positioning Synapse within the current and future data architecture.
  5. Dependencies with other systems and infrastructure components.
  6. Migration approach and continuity plan.