Azure Cloud Assessment 6-Week Assessment


Azure Cloud Assessment from Servent is our readiness offering that will dynamically scan your existing on-premises IT environment and provide detailed reporting and analysis.

When considering a move to Azure there are several core considerations which need to be fully understood, including:

  • What workloads will be suitable candidates for migration to Azure?
  • How much will it cost to run migrated workloads in Azure?
  • How can I better understand dependencies between the systems that I have in my data centre prior to migration?
  • How do I go about planning migration?

The Azure Cloud Assessment will not only create an up-to-date inventory of your systems but will also visualise the dependencies between these systems. It will also ensure you have the most economical options to provide costs for running these workloads in Azure.


  • Real-time inventory of operating systems covering Windows/Linux
  • Inventory or your applications including SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Application dependency visualisation.
  • Cost optimised scenarios to run your workloads in Azure making use of your existing licence investments.
  • Early indication of any software risks that can be resolved by moving to Azure.
  • Cyber security advisory findings.
  • Right-sizing of VMs in Azure through actual resource utilisation.


  • Detailed up-to-date inventory information.
  • Indicative costs to run suitable workloads in Azure depending on Azure pricing model.
  • Identification of software risks or exposures.
  • Derisk of migrations by highlighting and grouping dependent systems.

Whilst this offer is determined as being free this is based on certain criteria which must be met. Your eligibility for the free offer will be discussed on initial contact.

The Azure Cloud Assessment can also be used in conjunction with other offers from Servent, namely: Azure Datapath and Azure Pathway.