Azure Migration Services


The best Azure services to deliver innovation with lower risk

Solution Overview

Softchoice's Cloud Migration Services help organizations retire legacy systems and take advantage of cloud scalability, reliability, and resilience. It consists of three phases (Plan, Build/Migrate, and Operate) that provide modular and comprehensive migration and modernization services into a customer's Azure environment.
From simple lift-and-shifts to complex modernization efforts, our services are built to reduce time-to-value, the total cost of ownership, and complexity. Our modular Cloud Migration Services also help organizations personalize a migration strategy that balances their technical needs, business priorities, and budgets.

Solution deliverables

Our presales team will work with you to select the right combination of Cloud Migration Services to suit your Azure migration needs.

Planning phase
Application Rationalization - We assess applications, data, and infrastructure to identify a list of workloads to be migrated to Azure based on the customer’s business, technical, and operational priorities. The list of target workloads is analyzed to choose the most effective migration service(s) in the build and migrate module.
Migration Planning - Our experts identify resource requirements (CPU, memory, storage) and application and infrastructure dependencies. We also prioritize the list of workloads to be migrated based on business impact, cost of delay, complexity, and development time to define the migration timeframe and create a journey roadmap.

Build and Migrate phase
Migration Landing Zone - We deploy governance, security, operations, and identity and access management policies to build a pre-configured cloud environment with a secure and standardized process for migrating workloads to the cloud. We also offer Advanced Landing Zone professional services that help customers build and deploy highly personalized landing zones to support complex business and technical needs.
Lift and Shift Migration - We migrate existing applications from the data center directly to the cloud with minimal to no changes to the architecture or functionality of the application. Using data-driven migration techniques and automated tools, our engineers then quickly migrate a large number of applications to the cloud. The migration will be organized into multiple 2-week phases, with most phases focused on migrating a set of 25-50 applications.
VMware Cloud Services - On-premises VMware-based workloads are extended to the Azure VMware Solution, deploying a hybrid cloud environment where applications and data can be easily accessed and managed across both data center infrastructure and cloud resources.
Re-platforming - We retool and migrate on-premises applications to the cloud without making significant architectural changes for an incremental approach to application modernization.The application is modified to benefit from automation features and cloud-native services such as SQL Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Application Modernization - Rebuilding specific components of the application (refactoring) or the entire application architecture (re-architecture) allows us to implement advanced cloud technologies such as serverless computing, containerization, and microservices.

Operate phase
Workload Optimization - Our team deploys non-intrusive data collection tools to identify rightsizing opportunities in the cloud environment, defining and implementing change management procedures to minimize downtime before rightsizing workloads. Finally, the cloud environment is reassessed to ensure workloads are high-performing and cost-efficient.

Why Softchoice?

Comprehensive - our end-to-end services cover every aspect of cloud migration, from initial planning and implementation to post-migration optimizations.
Customized - the migration is customized to an organization's requirements.
Industry-leading Microsoft partnership - our deep business and technical expertise with Microsoft and VMware allow our customers to take advantage of exclusive pricing benefits and the latest technologies.
Expertise - our certified and experienced team of engineers and architects is structured to move fast and deliver results.

Solution outcomes

  • Grow value faster with expert-built Azure architecture that solves business challenges and enhances user experiences.
  • Avoid common missteps with specialized guidance informed by insights from hundreds of cloud migrations.
  • Minimize business disruptions with built-in security, compliance, and governance controls that ensure a consistently secure and stable cloud environment.
  • Achieve predictable results with a personalized migration process with data-driven insights and well-architected frameworks from Microsoft