Azure Hybrid Solution: 3 weeks Proof of Concept


Proof of Concept offer is for organizations seeking for a way to integrate their on-premises infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI solutions.

Why do we care about Hybrid Scenarios? The short answer is that Hybrid Scenario is the Inevitable Reality.

Are you facing the following challenges while working within on-premises environment?

  • Regulatory and data sovereignty
  • Low latency and edge workloads
  • Application and data center modernization
  • Business continuity and resilience
  • Looking for a flexible way to leverage existing infrastructure, concepts, and skills

Noventiq's Azure Hybrid Solution is specifically designed to help you meet the needs of your modern, hybrid ecosystem with Microsoft Azure Hybrid Portfolio based on Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI solutions. It will help your organization unlock the power of hybrid cloud computing that seamlessly integrates your on-premises infrastructure with the cloud. The hybrid solution delivers a comprehensive and familiar Azure experience on-premises, on your own servers, and with your preferred tools. It helps future-proof your investments and transform your IT processes to the cloud on your own terms.

Azure Hybrid Solution engagement includes Workshop and Proof of Concept. As a result we will provide evidence that proposed solution solves your business problems and increases the likelihood of a successful adoption.

Workshop: 1-2 sessions designed as an engaging experience tailored to specific interests and include demonstration and examples of best practices, followed by demo. You will deep dive into scenarios and tools to help you on your journey to the cloud. Topics covered: Azure Stack HCI Family, Azure Arc – Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management, Overview of Azure Arc Enabled Services, and Azure Hybrid Benefits, etc.

Proof of Concept (POC): Assure you of how this solution will work once it is deployed within your organization. POC can be geared towards a specific problem or scenario you are currently facing by creating test cases and validating test results. 3 stages of the POC:

  • Planning: Define goals, scope, requirements, and success criteria for the POC. Assess current infrastructure readiness for the hybrid solution.
  • Deployment: Configure and enable features agreed in the planning phase.
  • Evaluation: Test cases and feedback collection.
Post Completion of the Project, you will also be provided with a Presentation, Report of the Outcomes and a comprehensive Deployment Plan.

In partnership with Noventiq, you can benefit from the scale, agility, and innovation of the public cloud while maintaining control over your data and infrastructure. Plus, you can leverage your existing investments in Microsoft technologies and tools to build, deploy, and manage your hybrid environment.

Workshops: free.
Proof of Concept: 5000 USD.

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